My New Favorite Vegan Product

I LOVE trying out new vegan products because there are so many great things out there.

Some of my favorite products include:

Today I found another product to add to the list: Forager Project Cashew Yogurt. I found it at Whole Foods and I decided to try one because I’ve never actually tried vegan yogurt before.

I tried the blueberry flavor and I was honestly mind blown by the similarity in taste, smell and texture that it had to dairy yogurt. I’m 100% sure if I tried to trick someone into eating it, they would have no idea. (Don’t do that though because nut allergies, ya know?)

I know some vegans don’t like meat and cheese substitutes but I personally think they’re great. I don’t eat them often myself, but I do love trying them out because it’s fun and they taste good. I also think that these substitutes are one of the best ways in aiding new people to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

I’m definitely going to continue trying them and reviewing them so you guys can decide if you want to try them out too!

Let me know what your favorite products are 🙂




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