Current Obsession

Trader Joe’s recently came out with a new seasoning called: “Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend”

Obviously I had to try this ASAP because I love me some everything bagels.

I love buying spices from Trader Joe’s because most of them only cost $1.99, even this new one.

The seasoning contains sesame seeds, sea salt, dried garlic, dried onion, black sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

You could put this on pasta, salads, sandwiches, potatoes, rice bowls, etc. It’s so good and the possibilities are literally endless.

I’m going to make a recipe/tutorial on how to make your own if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area, so be on the look out for that! 


3 thoughts on “Current Obsession

    1. Thanks Andrew! Sourdough bread is my absolute favorite but I used a multigrain bread today and it was really good too! It’ll taste good on whatever bread you prefer 🙂


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