My Favorite Vegan Podcasts

Lately I have been SO obsessed with podcasts and NPR. I like listening to podcasts or talk radio while doing homework, cleaning, driving, working and especially while cooking.

You can download most podcasts for free on iTunes or you can download an app that allows you to listen for free.

I download mine from iTunes and listen on my old iPod.

I like to listen to podcasts about veganism because there are SO many layers of veganism and I feel like I learn something new every single day, whether it’s about nutrition, science, the environment, political and/or ethical issues, etc.

There are 3 vegan podcasts that I listen to regularly and really enjoy:

  1. Live Planted (@liveplanted). This was the first vegan podcast I discovered so it has a special place in my heart. Alyssa, the host, is super friendly and knowledgable about veganism. She strives to enlighten others about how to live a practical vegan diet- something that many new vegans may struggle with since there’s SO many types of vegan diets (raw, HCLF, WSLF, junkfood, etc). She’s also interviewed some of my favorite YouTubers like High Carb Hannah, Caitlin Shoemaker and Sweet Simple Vegan. This is a great podcast to listen to if you’re new to the lifestyle or are curious about it.
  2. Earth to Us (@happyvegann & @hannah_mcneely). I recently discovered this podcast and I’m so happy I did because Evan and Hannah, the hosts, are super outgoing and easy to listen to. The episodes are a bit longer- usually over an hour- which I enjoy listening to during long drives in the car. They both have been vegan for about 10 years each but they cover other topics as well, such as yoga + meditation, the importance of confidence, ethical shopping + more.
  3. The Bearded Vegans (@thebeardedvegans). This podcast is my most recent find. I was attracted to this podcast because it’s hosted by two men, Paul and Andy. It’s interesting to listen to a male perspective on veganism since most of the vegan podcasters and social media influencers I follow are women. These guys are super cool and fun to listen to. They cover so many different topics and issues within veganism, far beyond the diet aspect, which I really appreciate.

Some other podcasts I’m obsessed with that have nothing to do with veganism: Criminal, Reply All, Strangers, This American Life & Last Podcast on the Left. I’ll do a review of my favorite non-vegan podcasts sometime in the near future 🙂

Let me know what your favorite podcasts are. I’m always looking for more!



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