FAQ about Siberian Huskies

I adopted my Siberian Husky, Nika, a couple years ago and I often get questions about where and how others can adopt a Husky. While I am obsessed with my dog and love her more than anything, I think Huskies are a very unique breed and definitely are not the right dog for everyone.

Huskies are extremely independent and do not live to please their owners, like labradors or retrievers. Even with a reward, sometimes Huskies will refuse to cooperate. They get bored easily and are extremely stubborn, which can make training difficult.

If you want a dog who can walk off leash, forget it! Huskies were obviously bred to run so they have a natural instinct to run away when they have the opportunity. They also have a high prey drive and will chase after any small animals they see- even cats. Some Huskies can be trained to live with cats but mine would not do so well.

Because of their running instinct, they need tons of exercise. A walk around the block is not sufficient exercise. They need a place where they can RUN, otherwise they will become destructive. They are known for ripping apart furniture and any material objects if they are not getting enough exercise.

Lastly, if you want a clean dog, a Husky is the absolute worst dog for you. Huskies have a thick double coat that sheds constantly. Twice a year they shed the entire top coat. My house and car are covered in dog hair and no amount of vacuuming or sweeping really solves the problem. My dog also hates baths so it’s difficult to bathe her and brush her hair out.

Huskies are great dogs but they aren’t for everyone. As a responsible dog owner, I feel obligated to share this information since I frequently have people complimenting my dog’s beauty.

She’s cute but she sure can be a pain in my ass.

Make sure you do research about ANY breed (or animal) you adopt, not just Huskies. This will help ensure that less dogs, cats and other pets end up in shelters. And as always, adopt don’t shop!


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