My Diet

People always ask me what I eat.

I follow a ‘high carb low fat’ diet. What exactly does that mean?

Most of my calories come from carbohydrates. There is a common misconception that carbs are “bad for you” but that simply isn’t true. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and starches are full of carbohydrates. Most vegan high carb diets are fruit based but my diet primarily consists of starches and vegetables. I eat a lot of rice, beans & potatoes paired with a variety of veggies. I do eat fruit too, of course, but usually only in the morning in the form of a juice or smoothie.

What about protein? There is another common misconception that meat is the only way to obtain protein. This misunderstanding is due to the overwhelming amount of propaganda produced by the meat and dairy industry. The funny thing is, protein exists in whole plant foods such as fruits, vegetables and legumes. I get all the protein I need naturally from the plants I eat.

(Healthy) fats are also important in any diet. Although, I eat a low amount of fat, especially fat from processed foods. The fat I do eat is usually from avocados, beans, seeds, nuts & other whole plant foods.


I have noticed so many benefits since switching to this HCLF lifestyle such as: weight loss, clear skin, and natural energy.

If you’re interested in learning more about a high carb low fat diet, I suggest doing some more research- there are tons of resources on the internet as this lifestyle is quickly growing. Search YouTube and you will find thousands of different videos on the subject.

As a lot of vegans like to say, “carb the fuck up”.


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