Vegan Sushi?

Since going vegan, I’ve had many questions about what I can and cannot eat. Many are confused about whether I can eat sushi or not.

Sushi is much more than raw fish. In fact, every sushi restaurant I have ever been to has had a vegetarian menu. Many vegetarian maki rolls include vegetables such as avocado, cucumber & asparagus.

My favorite vegan maki roll I’ve ever had was made with avocado, cucumber & mango! If you’ve never had rice with mango, I highly reccomend it.

If you’re vegan and want to order off the vegetarian menu at a sushi restaurant, there are a couple things you must be careful about.

1. Many rolls include cream cheese or mayo. Just ask for the roll without those ingredients. Most restaurant will have other sauces you could substitute, such as teriyaki sauce or sweet chili sauce.

2. Most tempura is not vegan. If you’re unfamiliar, tempura is battered and fried seafood or vegetables. Many vegetarian maki rolls include tempura asparagus or tempura sweet potato. Unfortunately, the batter used to fry the vegetables almost always includes eggs. I always make sure to ask my server, just in case the restaurant might use a different tempura recipe, but every single time I’ve been disappointed.

Sushi is one of my favorite foods because it is so simple and can actually be pretty healthy without all of the mayo, cheese & meat.

I guarantee if you go to a Japanese restaurant, there will be a few different vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. Enjoy!


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